For over 50 years, HEI Civil has been a driving force behind the transformation of road construction across the Colorado Front Range. As pioneers in heavy civil construction, we recognize the critical role roads play in infrastructure development, serving as vital arteries that connect communities and facilitate economic growth and social progress.

In our commitment to excellence, HEI Civil has undertaken various road construction projects, each contributing to the region’s advancement and connectivity. Let’s explore some of the critical types of road construction endeavors that have shaped our landscape:

  1. Highway Construction: Highway construction involves developing and maintaining major road networks connecting cities, states, and regions. These projects demand meticulous planning, precision engineering, and rigorous adherence to safety standards.
  2. Urban Road Development: Within busy cityscapes, urban road construction projects aim to enhance mobility, alleviate congestion, and improve accessibility. These endeavors, which include widening existing roads, constructing new thoroughfares, and implementing intelligent traffic management solutions, are vital for urban growth and sustainability.
  3. Bridge Construction: Bridges stand as iconic symbols of connectivity, spanning rivers, valleys, and chasms. Building these engineering marvels requires specialized structural design, materials science, and construction management expertise. Road construction companies often undertake bridge projects as part of their portfolio, contributing to safer and more efficient transportation networks.
  4. Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance: Just as vehicles require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, roads also need periodic rehabilitation and upkeep. At HEI Civil, we offer various services, including resurfacing, patching, and pavement rehabilitation, to extend the lifespan of road infrastructure and enhance motorists’ safety.
  5. Specialized Infrastructure: Besides conventional road construction, heavy civil contractors undertake specialized projects such as tunnels, retaining walls, and drainage systems. These critical components complement road networks, providing essential support and resilience in challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions.

As a leader in heavy civil construction, HEI Civil remains committed to advancing road construction across the Colorado Front Range. Our dedication to expertise, innovation, and reliability ensures that we continue to pave the way for safer, more efficient roads, fostering economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for future generations.