In the vast world of construction, heavy civil construction stands tall, offering a multitude of rewarding careers that shape the physical landscape and drive progress. From engineers overseeing monumental projects to skilled laborers crafting the structures, the industry beckons with diverse opportunities. In this blog, we’ll delve into the array of various construction careers within heavy civil construction, each offering a unique path to success and fulfillment.

Civil Engineers:

At the forefront of heavy civil construction, civil engineers are the masterminds behind the planning, design, and execution of projects. They ensure structural integrity, manage budgets, and oversee the construction process.

Project Managers:

Project managers at HEI Civil lead with precision, coordinating resources and ensuring projects align with client needs. They’re integral to our commitment to quality and excellence.

Construction Managers:

Construction managers supervise the on-site operations. They oversee workers, manage logistics, and meet safety regulations and project specifications. At HEI Civil, we do not have construction managers; we have superintendents who oversee each project from start to completion.


Surveyors play a crucial role in mapping and measuring construction sites. They provide essential data that guides the layout and foundation of structures.

Heavy Equipment Operators:

Skilled operators maneuver our heavy machinery, like excavators, bulldozers, and cranes. They are responsible for precise movements crucial in various stages of construction.


Estimators at HEI Civil analyze project costs by assessing materials, labor, and overheads. They provide accurate cost estimates that help in budgeting and bidding for projects.

Quality Control Inspectors:

Quality control inspectors ensure that construction projects meet regulatory and safety standards. They inspect materials, processes, and finished structures to guarantee compliance.

Construction Laborers:

Skilled laborers play an essential role at all our job sites. They perform physical work on construction sites, such as digging, lifting, and carrying materials. They are critical in executing tasks vital to the project’s progress.

Environmental Engineers:

In heavy construction, environmental engineers focus on mitigating environmental impact. They design and implement measures to reduce construction’s ecological footprint.

Safety Managers:

Safety managers ensure a safe work environment for all involved. They develop and implement safety protocols, conduct training, and monitor adherence to safety regulations. Our safety team at HEI Civil is always focused on our #1 priority- that every employee returns home each night in the same condition they arrived at work that day.

Growing Careers at HEI Civil:

With a team of over 500 employees, HEI Civil is dedicated to fostering career growth. We invest in our employees, providing opportunities for development and advancement. We’re committed to nurturing talent and unlocking potential at every career stage.

HEI Civil offers a variety of fulfilling careers in heavy civil construction, where dedication, skill, and innovation are celebrated. Our commitment to over 50 years of excellence extends beyond projects; it encompasses our people. Our team comprises highly skilled individuals like you who are ready to put their best boot forward. Get ready to unearth your true potential and dig into the exciting world of HEI Civil!