Safety Program

Safety is priority one for HEI Civil

At HEI Civil, we believe in a proactive approach to safety. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide our employees with the proper safety training, the proper safety tools, and the proper safety reinforcement in order to strengthen the safety commitment of our team. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our client satisfaction record. But our proudest achievement is the safety of our employees. Our full time Safety Officer inspects job sites daily and is on call around the clock to assure that we are providing the safest possible work environment.

All of our employees are screened for substance abuse as a condition of employment.  We are proud to maintain a drug free workplace.  All employees are trained in basic safety before being assigned to a site.  Within our company we have employees trained in Workzone Traffic Control, Environmental Erosion Control, and certified as Competent Persons in various areas of expertise. Persons holding these certifications are required to maintain their certificates.  No area of safety or compliance is overlooked.

We have recently re-doubled our safety commitment by partnering with Trivent Safety Consulting. This partnership allows us to access persons with diverse safety backgrounds and provides us with overall compliance and technical support. In Trivent Safety Consulting we have access to persons trained in safety, industrial hygiene, worksite operations and machines. We have diverse job sites that require many specialized areas of expertise including OSHA, MSHA, and SafeLand training. Some of their other support areas are screening of new hire employees to assure that we assign them duties suitable for their capabilities, on-site safety inspections to supplement our internal efforts, employee training, and job safety analyses. Our various on-site Superintendents are able to use Trivent as a resource for all their safety questions and needs.

Trivent Safety Consulting is a nation-wide safety, training and compliance company. They have over 75 years of field and safety experience in commercial, civil, industrial and residential construction. You can count on the Trivent team to work with your team to get a safe solution to the day to day obstacles found on the project. All Trivent Safety consultants came up through the field and have hands on experience. You get the field experience from our employees as well as the formal education and certification required of a true safety team. All members of the Trivent Safety Consulting team are recognized as having their Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) certifications. Additionally, we have an owner with a B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health, and an owner that is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) developing the training that we deliver.

Because our Superintendents are committed to safety, we hold our sub-contractors to the same high standards we require of ourselves.  We require the submittal of OSHA 300 logs yearly to assure that other workers on our sites share our commitment to safety.  We require proof of safety as a condition of bidding for our sub-contractors.

When you choose HEI Civil for your project, you can be assured that you will receive the very finest in safety, commitment and quality.

Please view our company safety manual here.

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