SH 67 Tunnel and Culverts

State Highway 67 Tunnel and Culverts

Scope: Build a highway bypass around the existing Little Ike Tunnel, which accommodates travel to and from Cripple Creek’s gaming areas. The project included clearing and grubbing; blasting; ripping; loading and hauling over 130,000 CYS of rock to fills and waste; install guardrail; slope protection; road surfacing; seeding; and the installation of numerous culverts from 24″ to 96″ in diameter. To accomplish the work, over one mile of existing highway was plated with protective fill to allow travel of 35 ton rock trucks and to guarantee no damage to the highway. The fill was then removed. All this work was done under an emergency status and was accomplished on time, in less than 60 days, despite changes, which doubled the original excavation quantities.

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