Ravenna Phase 1A and 1B

Ravenna Phases 1A and 1B

Scope: This major project involved the construction of a multi-phase golf course and a 243 lot residential development near the Roxborough Park area located in the foothills of Douglas County. HEI Civil served as the General contractor for the civil and infrastructure work and self-performed the majority of the work. Overall, HEI moved almost 2 million cubic yards of earth and installed 66,800 lineal feet of water and sewer pipe. We also installed 12,000 feet of storm sewer and constructed about 24,000 feet of paved roadway. In addition, HEI constructed a state jurisdictional zoned fill dam for irrigation water storage as part of this project. The outlet works were composed of 48-inch concrete encased outlet and a 35-foot tall concrete outlet tower. This was all done in an environmentally sensitive manner to preserve the resident wildlife and wildlife habitat.

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